Fixed Fee Pricing

D & C Accountants believe that clients what to know exactly how much their accountant will charge, and as a result of this we provide fixed fee pricing.

On any new engagement, we will endeavour to set our fee for the coming year, taking into account the following:

• Level of work required to fulfil the task.
• Expertise required in completing the task
• The amount of time required to complete each task
• The level of responsibility attributed to each task

We also offer a range of fee payment options including monthly and bi-monthly instalments.

The fixed fee pricing is based on the underlying assumption that the service we will provide to each client will be planned, controlled and managed.


Changing Accountants

Should you decide to avail of our services we will make the changeover hassle free. The only thing you will need to do is to inform your previous accountant of your decision to move to D & C Accountants. After that we will contact your previous accountant to request all information they hold in relation to your business to be sent to you and we will also request the relevant information required for us to start working on your case immediately.

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